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RafaeLLa IRC Bot Services v7.4 have been released...

Author: westor

The RafaeLLa IRC Bot Services is an multi IRC channel bot, based on modules design, it's easy and is that anyone need for his/her channel, including an setup manager that you can easy setup it with your settings also you change/enable/disable any setting or any module from popups (Right click on Status Window), it has also a lot of modules that parsing websites information (e.g: youtube,ustream,facebook,twitter,vimeo,dailymotion,imgur,twitch,soundcloud,github,more...) and give them to the user or into the channel, also including auto talking module that it talks on the channel when someone joins or automatically after the set seconds from the currently files that are on "Files" folder that these files are in the Greek language but don't care about them you can replace them with your own language also there is an module that these files are updating to the latest online files from the web so if you are going to add your own be in mind to disable that module (UPDATE-FILES), also including a lot of searching modules that can search for anything related on some modules of what i mean are  (e.g: website advisor,google search,bing search,bing translator,movies search,ip lookup,seen user,twitter,dns scan,site check status,scan channel idle,channel away scanner,shorten urls,currency convert,country code info,weather info,horoscope info,dictionary word info,more...) the only negative think is that does NOT have any CHANNEL PROTECTIONS!!! and never in the future releases are going to include any (network services are already doing this job), it working into ALL IRCD's - IRC SERVICES into every network, the services can only run under Windows platform (XP and over), the services of course using the latest online mIRC version (www.mirc.com), also the most important feature is that you can update the hole project to the latest version with only ONE CLICK via right click menu or with an private bot command (!Update), do not forget that this project license is protecting from any law agreement read more here, if you have any questions/informations about this project you can contact us into the live-support IRC room here or from here.


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