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DreamIRC is easy

Connect on any IRC server and have fun taking advantage of the many features of this script...
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  • DreamIRC is easy

    Connect on any IRC server and have fun taking advantage of the many features of this script...
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  • Dear DreamIRC'ers (and dreamers :D)

    The DreamIRC Script has provided a smooth and easy I.R.C expirience for years to many users. After so much time of development eL^Topo was tired of I.R.C and some of its bad aspects and had to give more attention to his life! After some time of the development being idle he asked me, OrFeAsGr, you may have stumbled upon my scripts ( http://humanity.ucoz.com ... Read more »

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    Dear friends

    I decided to put some distance between me and IRC. As a result, I stopped developing DreamIRC just a bit before version 5.0 was ready to release. After all the hard and continuous work, I have put into this for many years, from the first beta stages to the much more it has become today, I feel that it is not right to just stop it. It is not either fair, for me and maybe for some friends of mine that are still using my script, after all these years. At the same time, I don't want to get back on IRC. So, I pass the development to ... Read more »

    Views: 1267 | Added by: eL^Topo | Date: 28/11/2016 | Comments (1)

    Author: Khaled Mardam-Bey. Read some details here.

    Views: 1344 | Added by: eL^Topo | Date: 26/03/2016 | Comments (0)

    Author: eL^Topo

    Welcome to the DreamIRC script's home page. The latest release is always available here. This script enhances the well-known ... Read more »

    Views: 1944 | Added by: eL^Topo | Date: 03/08/2015

    Author: westor

    The RafaeLLa IRC Bot Services is an multi IRC channel bot, based on modules design, it's easy and is that anyone need for his/her channel, including an setup manager that you can easy setup it with your settings also you change/enable/disable any setting or any module from popups (Right click on Status Window), it has also a lot of modules that parsing websites information (e.g: youtube,ustream,facebook,twitter,vimeo,dailymotion,imgur,twitch,soundcloud,github,more...) and give them to the user or into the channel, also including auto talki ... Read more »

    Views: 1211 | Added by: eL^Topo | Date: 03/08/2015

    Author: OrFeAsGr                                     Features:

    • Servers' Settings: Easy To Handle , You Can Add A Network , Nick , Ident , Server Pass , The Channels You Want The Bot To Join Auto On/Off and Bot Opers for each Channel . bot Owners Need Botpasses too . You Can Set them too from the form next to Bot Opers list.< ... Read more »

    Views: 1399 | Added by: eL^Topo | Date: 03/08/2015

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