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"It's not over just yet... ;)"

Dear DreamIRC'ers (and dreamers :D)

The DreamIRC Script has provided a smooth and easy I.R.C expirience for years to many users. After so much time of development eL^Topo was tired of I.R.C and some of its bad aspects and had to give more attention to his life! After some time of the development being idle he asked me, OrFeAsGr, you may have stumbled upon my scripts ( http://humanity.ucoz.com ), if i would like to continue his work. I have to say that i haven't been so much on I.R.C or scripting lately, but with a lot of appreciation to eL^Topo and his work, i decided to slowly resume development of the DreamIRC Script, following the same path that he followed. So 5.0 should be ready in the near future for all of the users to enjoy!

See ya'll soon!


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1 lalala   (31/12/2016 21:19) [Entry]
Paei to script katastrafike.

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