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The DreamIRC Legacy

Dear friends

I decided to put some distance between me and IRC. As a result, I stopped developing DreamIRC just a bit before version 5.0 was ready to release. After all the hard and continuous work, I have put into this for many years, from the first beta stages to the much more it has become today, I feel that it is not right to just stop it. It is not either fair, for me and maybe for some friends of mine that are still using my script, after all these years. At the same time, I don't want to get back on IRC. So, I pass the development to OrFeAsGr, a friend and a very good scripter. Above all he is a person that I can trust that will keep the DreamIRC script's philosophy the same!

Thank you all


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1 Ashburry   (30/09/2019 07:32) [Entry]
If you had done your job with the first few versions there would be nothing unscripted. i doubt that this guy can script. if so DreamIRC has just one version left before it would be finished assuming you actually spent your time building an usefusable script application. i haven't seen this script yet, but i am sure it is all a lie and nothing works.

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